Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hey guys, so last night I watched the first episode of BBC's new drama "The Deep", I found it to be quite interesting and will probably keep watching it. What I really liked about the show was the way they showed the scenes underwater especially with the submarine. So I decided to model my own submarine.

I actually started to model one last night, but in the morning I decided to delete it since it was starting to look too much like something from space, I also wanted my Submarine to seem as if it could really be made (like they did in "The Deep") and so I went back a re-moddelled it.

I have the structure, its Un-wrapped and I've done some projection mapping on it as well. I also plan to do some more modelling just get some little details in their that will make it look nice.

Im away on Holiday in about 2 weeks time so I'm hoping to have it finished by then.

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