Thursday, 11 February 2010

GT 500 Project

Okay last post before I hit the sack. So with Advance Tech out of the way, I decided to get a bit more practice in with the modelling and I decided to do it on my dream car the Ford Mustang GT 500. So far, i've only got the body shape done, next i will be putting in the finer details, such as any emblems on the car, the lights and also the wheels. Any feedback on what you guys think of the model would be much appreciated.

Advance Tech Character Modelling

So after 3 weeks of modelling, texturing and rigging I finally was able to hand in my Adv Tech Character, I was mostly pleased with the final model, being as it is my fist character I have modelled, and maybe when I'm better at it, I might come back to him and touch it up abit. The only thing I really struggled with the character was the rigging part.

Long Time

Well I'm back... can't remeber the last time I posted something on my site, still working on my final major but I have got all the concept work done and has been handed in. I have also changed my character around abit, still been kept as the same style but just made him look a bit older, and have a bit of an action hero appeal to him.