Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Minor Project

While I am still working on my submarine project I decided to post some of my old work the I did in my second year of Uni. This project I believe was the first project I did as a CG Artist, the aim of the project was to create two crates and two barrles.
For the first crate I decided to go with a WW2 era, hence the bullet holes in the crate and the dust and cobwebs to give it the look of it being old.
I wanted to make the second crate look more futuristic, hence the more metalic look and neon lights.
As for the barrels I decided to do on traditional wine barrel and a toxic oil drum.
Out of all of them, I think I was more pleased with the WW2 crate, probably because It was the one I had the most fun making.

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