Thursday, 31 December 2009

Further work for the character

So right know im still trying to come up with my characters background but I know that I want to set it in a 1940-1950 era, but for now i've just being doing more design work.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

So I have decided to go with this design for my vechile, I wanted to do a vechile that was a troop carrier, but it also need to look big and powerful so as to protect the soldiers and the drivers inside the machine.
Right now i'm going through different colour designs, I've also decided to limit the number of colours that I use so as not to complicate the design. But I also might add a few more design details to it before I decide to finalise it.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My Character

So its just gone midnight and before I shutdown my computer and hit the sack I thought I would post my ideas for my character. To be honest right now i'm having a bit of a problem creating a background story for my character and I do believe that to have a good character they need have a good background. All I have got so far is that its going to be designed around the extreme sports of "Free Running" aka "Parkour" but also have an action/adventure quality look to it.
At first I was trying to create a sort Outlaw character but after talking with tutors, its more going towards a more Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider style character, but like I say I'm still working on it so anything could happen.

Vehicle designs

So for my vechile I wanted to base it on a military type vechile but set in a Sci Fi era, I recently saw James Cameron movie Avater and was inspired by the way he was able to make his vechiles look dramatic and futuristic but also keep a realism to them and make them look as though they could really exist.

I want to do a troop carrier vechile, one that will be big, almost like a tank quality look to it, something that could look like an all terrain vechile. At first I wanted to do a air type vechile but after much thought I'm heading more towards a land based vechile.

Finally made it

So I finally made it to Blogspot, which I will use to post my work, on my Final Major Project and any other side projects that I do.

I decided to do the Artist side of the course and have chosen to do a Character and a Vechile, so far I've been doing a lot of drawings and design work, and also brought some books of Amazon for some inspiration. I'm Hoping to post some of my designs very soon and any comments would be much appreciated.

Hope everyone had a great christmas and I will see you guys very soon