Wednesday, 25 May 2011


This Final Major Project has probably been my favourite and I think that is mainly down to the work that I have produced this year compared to last year. Last year my final work consisted of a vehicle and a character. The vehicle went well but the character could have been a lot better and so because I knew my strengths was not with character modelling I choose to go with modelling a vehicle and environment as my personal projects.
The environment which was Venice was a tricky one just by the fact that is was set in the future meant I had to use my imagination on what the environment might look like, and I could have chosen a city because they have been used so many times in futuristic films but I wanted to do Venice just because I had never seen it done before. Overall the environment came out the way I wanted it too but I think out of the four projects this one wasn’t my most rewarding one. If I was able to do it again I don’t think I would have designed my own buildings but used ones that existed and worked of that to create something to fit the time period I was going for.
The vehicle I modelled was a GT 500 Eleanor Mustang, which being one of my favourite cars I had lot fun modelling. Well even though I say fun, there were times when I felt like given up, I would spend days modelling the car with it not going right and then starting from scratch the next day but I think it was after my fourth attempt that I managed to get it right. Overall I think the car came out looking great considering that it’s my first car I’ve model, well completed seeing as I’ve model other cars before but never got around to finishing them.
My other two projects were my Collaborative Projects. The first one was for Joe and Aled VFX film “Day 83” I had a lot of fun on this project, I got to model two things for them, one being a jet and the other being an alien weapon and on top of that I got to act in the film as a soldier. Originally I was only meant to design and model the jet but when they asked me to do the Alien weapon, even though I hadn’t done any design work for it I said yes. Overall the two models went well and I don’t think I would change anything about them, well maybe the red button that stands out on the weapon.
The final Collaborative was for the guys working on “Rust” outside of Uni. For this I designed and made a whole new character for them called Razor. Out of the models this year this one was my favourite, the guys took a big risk letting me design a new character for their game and so I had a lot pressure on me to get it right, but in the end the model came out looking great and even they were happy with the way it looked.

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