Thursday, 14 April 2011


So yesterday i began to texture my environment, my plan was to atleast get 3 of the house done but didn't even manage to finish one, and this was down to the fact that I wasn't using tiling but just using the unwrap. Today I gotten alot more done and this time I did use tiling but I also was able to use the unwrap at the same time. For the texture I've basically tiled the walls and then projected the texture back onto the unwrap, this allowed me to put the texture back into photoshop and add more textures such as grime. Also for the wall I used Crazy Bump to get a normal map out of the texture to add a bit more depth to it and the walls above the brick wall (with the patterns) I model them myselfs and then projected back onto the lowpoly version in order to get the normal map from that.

Because the environment is set in the future i decided at the early stage of my pre-production that I wasn't going to make the houses seem brand new but a mixture of old and new, and that why in this texture there is a damaged wall but then there is also a door that is designed to slide open. (which also to fit the renaissance I've done a decorative pattern on the door) Still gots some more work to do on it but apart from that I'm pleased with the way its starting to turn out

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