Thursday, 11 November 2010

Final Major: Environment

For my final major I've decided that I wanted to do an environment, and after much thought I decided to do somewhere that had a renasissance style to it. I particually looked at Florence Italy and Venice and did have my mind set on a scene in Florence but then I decided to go with Venice instead a do one of the Cananls.
After pitching the idea to my tutors it became obvious that the idea of the environment was starting to dive to much into the style of the game Assassins Creed 2, so because of this I have decided to set the scene in the future. By doing this it allows me to have more control over the scene.
The idea to set it in the future also means that I can be a bit more creative so an idea I had was to make the gondolas being rowed by a robot and not by a human.

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